Wine Influenced by Water

A hand holds a wine glass against the sky and a body of water in the background
A hand holds a glass of rosé against the ocean in the backdrop
The sea gives us our produce, inspires our food and therefore we have taken its’ DNA into our wine menu too. Wines influenced by the sea have a real freshness and purity, making them the perfect partner to our local seafood.

As one of Brighton’s best-loved Seafood Restaurants’, we are surrounded by the sea and by a punchy, independent city that knows what it wants, and knows what it loves. We aim to take a refreshing approach to a classical game, the wine game. It can come very convoluted and confusing, but our expert wine team have specially curated a wine list that is no nonsense, flavour-full and delicious.

Wines influenced by the sea have a real freshness and purity, making them the perfect partner to our local seafood. The soils are packed with fossilized shells which, when combined with the salty influence of the sea, helps to create wines of real character. The cooling influence of oceans, rivers & lakes also enables the Holy Grail of balance in wines, bringing mouth- watering acidity that will draw you back in, sip after sip.

Our Top Picks:
  1. Picpoul de Pinet, Heritage An 1618, Gérard Bertrand

Picpoul actually means ‘lip stinger’ in the local dialect due to the wines firm acidity. The vineyards border the Thau lagoon which is home to some of Frances finest Oysters & Mussels. So guess what we recommend drinking this little beauty with, especially over the festive season?


  1. Lugana, Ella, Ancilla Lugan

Sitting on the banks of Lake Garda, Lugana is Italy’s dry white wine secret. Made with the native grape Turbiano it balances a fresh lake breeze, with zesty grapefruit fruit and a subtle floral perfume. A thrilling alternative to Pinot Grigio and Soave, it’s easy to see why this wine has become a firm favourite with sommeliers all over the world.

  1. Assyrtiko, Clay, Gaia Wines

Assyrtiko is without question one of the finest white wines in the world. Ancient vines grown on volcanic soil with extreme exposure to the Aegean Sea helps give these wines a unique character. Yiannis from Gaia has taken this a stage further by macerating on the skins for seven days, and then ageing in clay spheres for four years. This results in a richly textured orange wine of dried tropical fruit and honeycomb but still holds onto a dry mineral finish.

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