A day with MCB Seafood!

The exterior of The Salt Room, a contemporary restaurant with a balcony in a black and white colour scheme

Since its origin in 2015, The Salt Room has maintained a close partnership with the local fish and seafood supplier, MCB. We felt it was high time to bring our team to their facility to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of life in a fish factory!


The BlackRock team donned boiler suits and hair nets and embarked on a comprehensive tour of the site. MCB, a family-operated business, has been a fixture in Brighton for over 25 years, delivering top-notch fish and seafood to big names in the area. Spearheaded by Michael and Chris Bish, the MCB team boasts a wealth of knowledge passed down through the family.


The team got stuck in, absorbing knowledge from Chris and exploring the plethora of produce MCB has to offer. They even got a chance to talk to Michael’s Son, Luca, who has transferred his  experience gained working at MCB into becoming a TV personality chef, reaching the final on Celebrity Master Chef. Luca explains the family culture of MCB helped to shape his personality with resilience and drive.


With sustainability at the forefront of all their operations, it was clear that the ethos of MCB was one of family and social responsibility. The Blackrock team had a great day meeting the guys from MCB and feel lucky to be working with such a great supplier!